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by Daniel L. Hitchcock


Revisione - April, 2011


This latest revision of the Discography, which originally appeared in July 1990, incorporates a few corrections, clarifications, new entries, and attempts to isolate differently dated editions of the same recording. Obviously, it strives for thoroughness even if it cannot absolutely guarantee completeness. By way of example, for Item #7, the Compiler seems to recall a concurrent issue on cassette tape, but he has no way of substantiating it at this time. Anyone who can further correct, clarify, or amplify this Discography is urged to contact Daniel L. Hitchcock through the Centro Studi Internazionale Sigismund Thalberg, as well as the organization itself.  Most points from the lst edition are still valid:

  • Actual album titles are printed in upper case type; lower case type signifies a merely convenient description.
  • Basic titles for most of the works are used in order to avoid the wide variations presented by different languages.
  • Only performances of Thalberg’s music are usually listed in order to keep the Discography concise at this time. Revisions may later include the other works on the recordings if clarity can be maintained.
  • Item Dates indicate the release or copyright date rather than the dates of the actual recording sessions. For example, Item #10 was released in 1977 but was recorded in 1975.
  • Re-releases, regardless of date and whether or not they are exact duplicates or excerpts of the original issue, are listed in conjunction with the original, whose Item Number is shown in boldface type. This is to avoid creating the impression of newer, separate performances, thereby increasing the item count. Earl Wild’s performance of the "Don Pasquale" Fantasy is the same 15th July 1964 session, whether on the 1964 LP, the 1987 CD, the 1991 CD, the 1999 CD, the 2001 CD, or the 2006 CD.
  • All vinyl/long-play (LP) versions are out of print and are difficult to obtain.
  • Private recordings of various recitals and concerts must necessarily be considered another category and are not included here.
  • Performances either posted on the Internet [i.e. You Tube] or made available for downloading from the Internet are not included.
  • It is understood that the "Hexaméron" is a collaboration of six pianists, namely Liszt, Thalberg, Pixis, Herz, Czerny, and Chopin, and that the greater part of the contribution is by Liszt and is published under his name as S.392. Thalberg’s section is usually labeled "Variation 1." For convenience, the "Hexaméron" is cited as being by Liszt, Thalberg, et al.
  • Although not recordings in a technical sense, reproducing piano rolls (or tapes) are included here in a separate section because of their earlier commercial availability.  Substantial numbers of piano rolls have been recorded, converted into digital formats (MP3, etc.), and made available through the Internet.  There is no reliable, comprehensive way to account for this activity.  Recently developed reproducing systems for modern pianos have not been examined.


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