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NAPLES,  June 8 - 12 2020









Any pianist may apply to the Thalberg Prize, with no age limits. 



The eliminatory audition, the semi-final audition and the final audition will take place at the Sala degli Angeli of the Istituto Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples (look at the map). Dates to define.



Candidates will have to send the enclosed Application Form, no later than May 31 2020 to Centro Studi Internazionale Sigismund Thalberg, Palazzo Strongoli - Riviera di Chiaia, 256 - 80121 Napoli, or by email to info@centrothalberg.it.

The documents mentioned below must be enclosed with application form:

- curriculum vitae by also specifying the name of the current piano teacher;

- application fee of € 100 by:



Centro Studi Internazionale Sigismund Thalberg


IBAN IT18Y0760103400000037944808



2) PAYPAL on account info@centrothalberg.it

Application unprovided with the registration fee will not be accepted.



The first three entries will be accommodated free of charge from a family during the duration of the Competition.



The Competition will consists of the following three auditions: 

- Eliminatory audition

- Semi-final audition 

- Final audition



Each candidates must report to the Competition with an identification document. 



The order of candidates participation in the auditions shall be in alphabetical sequence. Later comers will be excluded from the Competition. The candidate may request his/her audition to be shifted only for demonstrable reasons compatible with time available and the reason for shifting it. 



An adeguate number of pianos shall be available for the candidates. Each candidate will have the possibility to try the piano of the Competition accordingly to the timetable arranged by the secretary's office. 



The audition will be recorded. The rights connected with recording of film taken during the auditions and any use of such material shall not involve payment of any kind to the relevant candidates. 



The sequence in which the pieces shall be played is up to every candidate. The distribution of brief intervals between the individual pieces must not ex­ceed the normal concert standard. At expiry of maximum allowed time, the execution may be interrupted by the President of the committee. 



The examining committee consists of distinguished musicians. No persons having relations of kinship with the candidates may be, in no cases, part of the examining committee; the person, having at the moment or having had, private tuition relations with the candidates in the two years preceding the Competition, will not go to the specific polls. In accordance of what above mentioned, each member of the committee will write down a declaration specifying the own position towards the candidates. 



The candidates to overcome the tests will  be valued as follows:

- For the eliminatory audition with votes yes or no;

- For the semi-final audition with votes from 60 to 100;   

- For the final audition with votes from 80 to 100.   



In observance with the lists resulting from the auditions, taking into account the number of candidates, their average grading, and time available, the examining committee shall chose the candidates admitted to the next audition. 



The First prize will only be assigned to the unanimity.

Not to influence averages with extreme votes, they shall be calculated excluding the lowest and the highest vote. 



All the auditions will be public. 



The decisions taken by the examining committee are final and unappealable. 




Eliminatory audition

1. Chopin: a study;

2. Rachmaninov, Liapunov, Scriabin, Debussy, Prokofiev, Bartòk, Stravinsky, Ligeti: a study;

3. A free composition

Audition time must not exceed 20 minutes. 


Semi-final audition

1. Liszt or Thalberg study (the 6 from Paganini also comprises);

2. One or more significant compositions of the Romantic period;

3. One or more significant compositions from Debussy onward. 

Audition time must not exceed 40 minutes 


Final audition

A recital program lasting from 50/60 minutes, including obligatory a classical sonataand a free piece by Thalberg (the score can be demand free, contextually to the registration, to the reception office of the Study Centre).

The final audition may include pieces performed during the previous auditions.

The jury has the right to listen to all or part of the program presented


Art.17 Prizes

- First prize € 3.000

- Second prize € 2.000

- Third prize € 1.000



Art.18 Special prizes

Vincenzo and Francesca Princes of Strongoli Prize € 1.000 for the best Thalberg’s piece performance

Vincenzo Vitale Prize € 1.000 for the youngest semi-finalist

Ninetta Mangoni Prize  € 1.000 for the best woman semi-finalist

Italo de Feo Prize € 1.000 for the best italian semi-finalist



Independently from the voting given to every candidate, the prizes may not be awarded or assigned ex-aequo.  The Special prizes are not cumulative between them. All prizes will apply the withholding tax relating the Italian law.



Any candidate who doesn't fulfil all requirements set down in the present Regulation shall immediately loose all right to the Competition and to any refund. 



In case of claims the official regulations are those written in italian.


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